The Carving Process: Introduction

Historically, the Form plaques of SPS have depicted a combination of School and world events occurring during the specific Form’s senior year.  When planning the Form plaque  project I took into consideration that before I can begin carving the plaque, the Form of 2011 has to experience most if not all of the final year at SPS in order to choose events to have depicted on their plaque.  There will be a few steps that can be taken along the way, but in the mean time I thought it would be good to document the carving process another way.

I have begun working on a carving of a pelican, the symbol of SPS.  This carving is based on a motif that is carved on a decorative stone in the School cemetery (top image above).  A similar carving also appears above the main entrance into the New Chapel (bottom image above), and may be more familiar to those associated with the School. I have adapted the design to work with a lovely piece of mahogany that has possibly been a part of the School since the days of the Boys’ Workshop, once located where the Hargate art center is now.  I will document the process from start to finish here on the FPP blog to help give an idea of what will be involved when the time comes to carve the Form of 2011 plaque.  Look for more photos of the process soon.

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