The Form of 2011 Plaque

Here is a photograph of the completed plaque for the Form of 2011.  It is being dedicated on June 2, 2012 and hangs in the Middle Dining Hall of Coit (The Upper) above the panels that contain the names of all the members of the Form of 2011.  Below the photo is the description of the elements incorporated in the plaque design.

In 2011 the revival of the Club Cup competition was the big event of the school year.  The cup itself is represented in the center of the plaque with the symbol above it of the winning club, the Delphians – the Greek letter Delta surrounded by a laurel wreath.  In the upper left of the plaque a closed book is carved with the initials WRM which represents the end of Twelfth Rector William R. Matthews’ Rectorship.  The book symbolizes the Rural Record, a journal of day-to-day life at St. Paul’s School that was kept from 1857 up into the early 20th century.  The upper right corner of the plaque has a map of Japan with circles radiating out from the epicenter of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred in March of 2011.  The lower left and right sections of the plaque represent the crew team competing at the Henley Royal Regatta in June of 2011.  A shield super-imposed above and to the left of the crew team features an element from the coat-of-arms from the Henley-on-Thames Town Hall.

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