2008 Plaque Progress: Design Complete

2008 Form Plaque Design

The design stage is complete for the 2008 Form plaque. I worked with members of the Form of 2008 to come up with a list of events, and the following design elements were chosen:

2008 Form Plaque Design Elements

Plaque designs traditionally incorporate one world news event and three to five School events. The proposed design elements are as follows:

World Event:

  • The 2008 recession is represented by the stock market bear holding a chart with an arrow representing the down-turn of the market.

School Events:

  • Boys’ Varsity Squash Team won the New England Championship, and this event is represented by two crossed squash racquets behind the bear.
  • 2008 saw the end of using trays in the dining hall and this is represented by the tray with SPS monogram shown to the left of the bear.
  • To the right of the bear is a SPS Waffle, representing the new waffle irons in the dining hall that feature the SPS Shield.
  • The winter of 2007/2008 produced record snow and ice. In the background behind the bear are the snow-covered grounds with ice under his feet to represent the wintery weather conditions at the School.

I began roughing out the carving over the weekend and will be posting photos of the carving process over the next few weeks.

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