The Form of 2008 Plaque

Here is a photograph of the completed plaque for the Form of 2008. It was dedicated on June 1, 2013 and hangs in the Middle Dining Hall of Coit (The Upper) above the panels that contain the names of all the members of the Form of 2008. Below the photo is the description of the elements incorporated in the plaque design.


The 2008 economic recession is represented in the central image by a very grumpy bear holding a stock market chart with a downward-pointing arrow – a reference to the sharp down-turn of the market during that time. The boys’ varsity squash team won the New England Championship, and this event is represented by the two crossed squash racquets behind the bear. 2008 saw the end of the use of lunch trays in the dining hall and this is represented by the SPS monogrammed tray located to the left of the bear. Opposite the tray on the right of the bear is a SPS Waffle, representing the new waffle iron that was acquired in the dining hall that features the SPS shield. The winter of 2007/2008 produced record amounts of snow and ice. To represent the wintery weather conditions in Millville the background behind the bear shows the snow-covered School grounds, including a layer of ice beneath his feet.

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