1999 Plaque Progress: Carving Completed

The carving for the 1999 Form plaque is completed.  The photos below are of the finished carving, with descriptions of the symbols used in the design.


The upper left corner features a volleyball and arrow combined into a women’s symbol – representing the New England division title wins for both the girls’ volleyball and girls’ cross country.

The upper right corner features the letter “G” on a computer keyboard key – representing the launch of the Google search engine on 9/4/1998.

The central design element is of three books supported between bookends – one book representing each change of School leadership during the four years of the Form of 1999:

  • “X” on the spine for the Tenth Rector David Verne Hicks
  • “I” on the spine for Interim Rector Clifford J. Gillespie
  • “XI” on the spine for Eleventh Rector Craig B. Anderson


The bookends supporting the books feature inkwells with quills – commemorating the beginning of the Schlesinger Writer-in-Residence program at SPS.


The bottom left corner represents the fire that occurred in the Drury dorm.


The bottom right corner features a rainbow flag with the letters “GSA” celebrating the founding of the Gay Straight Alliance.


Now that the carving stage is completed the plaque will be oiled and painted before being put on display for Anniversary/Graduation weekend at the end of May.

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