The Form of 1999 Plaque

Below is a photograph of the completed plaque for the Form of 1999. The plaque is being dedicated on May 31, 2014 and hangs in the Middle Dining Hall of Coit (The Upper) above the panels that contain the names of all the members of the Form of 1999. Below the photo is the description of the elements incorporated in the plaque design.


The central element of the Form of 1999 plaque represents the changes in St. Paul’s School leadership during the form’s four years, with a book for each of the leaders. Labels on the spines identify them: “X” for the Tenth Rector David Verne Hicks, “I” for Interim Rector Clifford J. Gillespie, and “XI” for Eleventh Rector Craig B. Anderson. The bookends with their inkwells and quills commemorate the beginning of the Schlesinger Writer-in-Residence program. The upper left corner features a volleyball/arrow/women’s symbol, representing the New England division title wins for the girls’ volleyball and cross country teams. The “G” on the computer key in the upper right refers to the incorporation of Google in 1998. The bottom left corner represents the fire in the Drury dorm in March 1999. At the lower right, a rainbow flag with the letters “GSA” marks the founding of the Gay Straight Alliance, inspired by the Chapel speech of Dustin Brauneck ’99.

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