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Anniversary 2014

Form plaques for the years of 2013, 2004, 1999, and 1994 are all hanging in their permanent places in the Middle and Lower Dining Halls in Coit. I set up a small display of the Form of 2013 plaque as part of the Anniversay/Graduation weekend celebration:


There was a great turnout from representatives of the Form of 2013 to celebrate the completion of their plaque and the installation of their name plaques:


You can read more about it HERE.

A few days earlier I had help from Scott hanging the other three plaques:


The 1994 plaque going up in the Lower Dining Hall.


The 1999 plaque being hung in the Middle Dining Hall.


The 2004 plaque on display in the Middle Dining Hall.

Now that this batch of plaques is completed it is time to start work on the next four plaques for next year.  I have completed a total of 12 plaques since beginning this project, and have 15 more plaques to carve to fill in all the empty spaces left from the 20 year gap between carvers. Time to get back to work!

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Form of 1996 Plaque Installation

On July 23rd the plaque for the Form of 1996 was installed in the Lower Dining Room of Coit (Upper).  This plaque is the first of seven plaques to be completed in the Lower Dining Hall – plaques still need to be created for the Forms of 1991-1995 and 1997 to fill the empty spaces there.  Since there are other plaques already hanging in this room, completed by previous carver David Nugent, I have not done a full color painted finish on the 1996 plaque, but  have used a natural colored stain finish to match the surrounding woodwork.

The picture below shows me and Scott preparing to hang the plaque:

Scott is finishing up with hanging the plaque:

And the plaque is in its place above the center name panel for the Form of 1996:

It is a very good feeling to see this plaque integrated with the other plaques in the Lower Dining Hall. I am looking forward to seeing more of those empty spaces filled as the project progresses.
A special thanks to Lauri West for permission to use these photographs.

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