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The Form of 1996 Plaque

Here is a photograph of the plaque for the Form of 1996.  I recently completed the carving, stained and sealed the wood and mounted it in its frame.  It will now be displayed in the Lower Dining Hall of Coit (New Upper) and will hang above the panels that contain the names of all the members of the Form of 1996.  Beneath the photo below is a description of the symbols used in the design.

The central design celebrates the development of the Humanities program and is represented by an owl perched on a book, with pen, pencil and brush behind it.  The owl is a symbol of wisdom, and the pen/pencil/brush symbols represent the arts and literature. The book that the owl is perched on is a symbol for learning and represents the history, philosophy, and religion aspects of the Humanities program. In the upper left corner an ‘at’ (@) key from a computer keyboard is carved to symbolize the first School assigned email addresses for students. The upper right corner of the plaque has a closed book with initials DVH representing the end of Tenth Rector David Verne Hicks’ Rectorship. In the lower right section of the plaque a woman’s symbol with the Roman numerals ‘XXV’ carved inside it represent the 25th anniversary of co-education at St. Paul’s School.

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