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Anniversary 2012

On June 2, 2012 the first group of the new Form plaques were dedicated in the Upper Dining Hall of Coit (New Upper).  There was a small display of information about the plaques, the carving and design process, and the history of the plaques at SPS.  A large group of members from the Form of 2012 were in attendance, excited to see the first new Form plaque in over twenty years.

The display table featured information about the plaque project, drawings of the plaque designs, and the 1996 plaque in process.

The sketchbook I use as part of the design process. These pages are for the 1996 plaque design.

The 2011 plaque on display above the name plaques for the Form members.

The 2006 plaque hanging above the name plaques for all the Form members.

Read the Form Plaque descriptions here.

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