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The Form of 2001 Plaque

Here is a photograph of the completed plaque for the Form of 2001.  It is being dedicated on June 2, 2012 and hangs in the Middle Dining Hall of Coit (The Upper) above the panels that contain the names of all the members of the Form of 2001.  Below the photo is the description of the elements incorporated in the plaque design.

The central design of the plaque is the November 2000 presidential election, and shows a ballot from Florida – complete with hanging chads – being claimed by both the Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant. The shield in the upper center of the carving features an element from the coat-of-arms from the Henley-on-Thames Town Hall, and represents the crew team’s trip to England that June to compete in the Henley Royal Regatta. The crossed sword and torch represent the Form’s senior prank, inspired by the movie Braveheart.   The Blass Clubhouse is carved at the bottom center of the plaque and represents the re-design of the original clubhouse that was built in 1893. Lord Fermoy’s clock is in shown in front of the clubhouse.

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2001 Form Plaque Progress: Carving Complete

The following photos are of the carving process for the 2001 Form plaque:

This first photograph shows the prepared basswood carving blank ready to begin:

After using a router to rough out the background levels:

Cleaned up from the router and background levels established, with a little of the initial rough carving done:

The finished carving:

Detail of the Democratic donkey:

And of the Republican elephant:

The carving at this stage is ready for the final painted finish to be applied.

Note: Painting was completed during the second week of May, and now the plaque is drying and awaiting the final sealing finish to be applied in time for Anniversary on June 2nd.   I will be posting photos of the finished plaque after that date – stay tuned!

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