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2011 Plaque Progress

The rough draft of the design for the  2011 Form plaque is completed and work has begun preparing the wood for carving.  The picture above shows the piece of basswood that will be used for carving the 2011 plaque.  I cut out the distinctive quatrefoil shape using a scroll saw and am using three grades of Japanese files to smooth the edges and finish the carving blank.  Once this stage is complete I will transfer the design onto the wood and begin the actual carving process.

The 2010/2011 school year at SPS provided some very interesting events to record on the plaque.  The design themes chosen by the student representatives for the Form of 2011 include the following:

  •  Central Motif:  The Club Cup was the big event of the school year.  It will be represented in the center of the plaque with the symbol above it of the winner of this year’s club competition (congratulations Delphians!).
  • Upper Left:  A closed book will be shown with the initials WRM representing the end of Mr. Matthews’ Rectorship.  The book symbolizes the Rural Record, a journal of day-to-day life at SPS that was kept from the very beginning of the School up into the early 20th century.  The book with initials is symbolic of the recoding the change of leadership in School history .  You can read more about the Rural Record by clicking HERE.
  • Upper Right: A map of Japan with circles radiating out from the epicenter will be shown to represent the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred there earlier this year.
  • Lower Right and Left:  This section of the design will represent the crew team competing at the Henley Royal Regatta this June.  A shield super-imposed above and to the left of the crew team will feature an element from the coat-of-arms from the Henley-on-Thames Town Hall.

Very special thanks to Ellie, Joe, Sam, Harvey and Meredith for their help with the design themes!

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