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2017 Plaque Progress: Carving Completed

The carving for the Form of 2017 plaque is now completed. The representatives from the Form of 2017 chose the following events to be illustrated on the plaque:

  • Upper left corner: Features the Isthmian shield to celebrate their win of the Club Cup competition
  • Upper right corner: Shows the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant butting heads – to reflect the contentious 2016 election and the partisan politics that have followed
  • Center: A ribbon is inscribed with the form word “Resilience” – given to the Form as they began their 3rd Form year
  • Lower:  A scenic view of the back of the new student center featuring the dam in the background and the patio with fire pit and chairs
  • Bottom border: An alphabet border- reflecting the change in the traditional gender-binary graduation procession to an alphabetical one

Now that the carving process is completed, I will apply a painted finish to the plaque to have it ready for presentation at the 2018 Anniversary Weekend at the beginning of June. Stay tuned for updates on the completion of the plaque!

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