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2018 Plaque Progress: Design Completed

The design stage is complete for the 2018 form plaque. I worked with the student council officers from the Form of 2018 to come up with a list of events, and the following were chosen by them to represent their 6th Form experiences at SPS:

  • Upper left corner: The book from the school shield is shown closed and inscribed with the initials MGH to represent the end of Michael Hirschfeld’s rectorship
  • Upper center and right corner: Features a dorm with a lock and key, representing the addition of locks to the dorm rooms during the school year
  • Lower left: Shows the number 6 springing up from a trampoline to represent the 6th Form class trip to Skyzone that took place at the beginning of the year
  • Lower center: Features a banner with the Me Too hashtag to represent the international viral movement that began in the fall, addressing the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment and assault
  • Lower right: Shows the New Chapel tower with a clock set to 8:30 to represent the later start time for morning chapel

I will be posting photos of the carving process here on the Form Plaque Project blog and on the Form Plaque Project Facebook page when I begin working on the carving process of the 2018 plaque.

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The Form of 2017 Plaque

The upper left corner of the 2017 plaque features the Isthmian shield to celebrate their win of the Club cup competition. The upper right corner features the democratic donkey and the republican elephant butting heads, to reflect the contentious 2016 election and the partisan politics that has followed. The center ribbon is inscribed with the form word “resilience”, assigned to the Form of 2017 when they began school as 3rd Form students. The lower section of the plaque presents a scenic view of the back of the Friedman Community Center, complete with Hank the heron fishing in the Turkey River. The bottom of the plaque is bordered with the alphabet, with a mortar board in the center, to represent the first time the graduation procession was assembled alphabetically instead of using gender binary pairs.

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