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1991 Plaque Progress: Design Completed


The design stage is complete for the 1991 form plaque. I worked with members of the Form of 1991 to come up with a list of events, and the following was chosen by them to represent their 6th Form experiences at SPS:

  • Top Outer Edge: A ribbon bearing the inscription “O Ye Fire and Heat” from the Powerhouse – this inscription was revealed when the ivy was removed during building maintenance that year
  • Upper Left: A shield with a map of Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia representing the Gulf War
  • Upper Right: A women’s symbol with “XX” in the center to commemorate the 20th anniversary of coeducation at SPS
  • Upper Center: A bald cypress tree representing the program called “Cypress Trees” of poetry, music, and drama reflecting the emotional journey of women of color at St. Paul’s – produced and directed by members of the Form of 1991
  • Center Horizontal:  The Rector’s ruler with the initials of the Reverend Dr. Charles Halsey Clark, Ninth Rector of SPS, celebrating a talk he gave to members of the 6th Form in which he used the ruler to illustrate his message
  • Bottom Left and Right:  Ohrstrom Library, which was dedicated in April of 1991

I will now start work on the carving of the 1991 plaque and will be posting photos of the carving process as it progresses – stay tuned for more information!

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