The SPS Form Plaque Project

The SPS Form Plaque Project blog began as a way to document the 2010/2011 Form of 1973 Mentor Fellowship that I was awarded in June of 2010. My Mentor Fellowship project involved creating the first form plaque in twenty years, the Form of 2011 plaque, using carving tools I purchased with fellowship funds. Since that time I have been commissioned by the Alumni Office to complete all of the missing plaques going back to 1991, including a plaque for each newly graduated form.  I will complete four plaques per year until all the missing plaques are completed in 2018.

Posts on the SPS Form Plaque Project blog follow the progress of the project as each plaque is carved. Occasional posts include information about the history of the form plaque tradition at SPS, going back to its beginning in 1921. You can subscribe to this blog via RSS feed using the links at the bottom of the sidebar, through email updates available by clicking the box at the bottom of the page or in the sidebar, as well as by ‘liking’  the Form Plaque Project page on Facebook.

Other Carving Projects

I have been working with wood since childhood, an affinity I discovered through spending many enjoyable hours watching my father in his workshop, and then as I learned, making projects of my own.  As a BFA student I took foundation classes in sculpture and worked in wood whenever I had the opportunity.  I eventually chose to concentrate on printmaking for my degree, and after graduation I focused most of my creative work on painting, illustration and design. From time to time I would create a wood block print, and I soon realized that I was making them just for the enjoyment of carving wood.  I invested in my first set of wood carving tools and have been making relief carvings ever since.

I have found that much of the artwork I create in 2D translates very naturally to 3D relief carving. It wasn’t until I began carving that I realized how much of the design process for my 2D work is conceptualized in relief –  the criteria I use when visualizing a painting or design begins naturally in my mind as an image in low relief.  I feel as if the years spent designing, drawing, and painting in 2D were actually done in preparation for working in wood, even though that was never part of the thought process at the time.

You can see more examples of carvings I have done on the Ninth Wave Designs website carving gallery  HERE, as well as the gallery links located in the menu at the top of the blog.

You can read a full artist’s statement on the Ninth Wave Designs website  HERE.

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