1991 Plaque Progress: Carving Completed


The carving stage is completed for the Form of 1991 plaque. Below are some photos of the plaque, carved to illustrate the following events:

  • Top Outer Edge: A ribbon bearing the inscription “O Ye Fire and Heat” from the Powerhouse – this inscription was revealed when the ivy was removed during building maintenance that year
  • Upper Left: A shield with a map of Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia representing the Gulf War
  • Upper Right: A women’s symbol with “XX” in the center to commemorate the 20th anniversary of coeducation at SPS
  • Upper Center: A bald cypress tree representing the program called “Cypress Trees” of poetry, music, and drama reflecting the emotional journey of women of color at St. Paul’s – produced and directed by members of the Form of 1991
  • Center Horizontal:  The Rector’s ruler with the initials of the Reverend Dr. Charles Halsey Clark, Ninth Rector of SPS, celebrating a talk he gave to members of the 6th Form in which he used the ruler to illustrate his message
  • Bottom Left and Right:  Ohrstrom Library, which was dedicated in April of 1991






Now that the carving is completed, I will stain the wood to match the woodwork in the Lower Dining Hall, where it will hang when it is done. The finished plaque will be on display for Anniversary Weekend, June 3rd & 4th, 2016.

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