2019 Plaque Progress: Carving Completed


The carving for the Form of 2019 plaque is now completed. The representatives from the Form of 2019 chose the following events to be illustrated on the plaque:

  • Upper left: Shows a shirt with a multi-gender symbol on it, representing the updating of the school dress code to apply equally to all students regardless of gender identity.
  • Upper right corner: Shows a rose window, representing the catastrophic fire of Notre Dame cathedral.
  • Upper center: Shows the Hugh Camp Cup, with Roman numerals III, IV, V, VI, representing that the cup was won by a member of the Form of 2019 each of their four years.
  • Lower left: A football celebrates the 8 – 0 winning season for the football team.
  • Lower center: A closed book with the School shield, with a bookmark bearing the initials A C R, represents the service of Amy C. Richards as Interim Rector.
  • Lower right: A female symbol stylized into the letter S and C, represents the first time in SPS history that both the President and Vice President of the Student Council were female.
  • Lower background: Shows crossed oars from the new rowing tanks that opened during the 2018/2019 school year.

Now that the carving process is completed, I will apply a painted finish to the plaque to have it ready to hang in it’s permanent place in the Friedman Community Center. Stay tuned for updates on the completion of the plaque!

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